Great Expectations

Monday, September 3, 2007 

Sunday morning we went to the Great Expectations short film series. This year they were all Mexican shorts.


  • Fish Soup was fast and funny. A family gets visited by a bird.
  • Distinguishing Features was a very sad short about a woman and her near-do-well son, and his disappearance.
  • End of the Line was an interesting story about a romance on a bus line outside of Mexico City, but didn’t really pay off in the end.
  • Coco Y Nico was a sort of avant guard animation/live action mix about a woman and her lover (who was animated scratchies). The technique was more interesting than the story.
  • A Small Death was funny and a pleasure to watch. A boy steals a purse and ends up delivering a running commentary on the people around him and his life as he paid the price for doing so.
  • If I Die Far From You was amazingly powerful for a short. It felt like a difficult (in a good way) feature and really stuck long after seeing it.
  • Venus was a sort of odd short nominally from the perspective of a Virgin Mary Icon. It was a little slow….
  • Ver Llover was a touching short about a young couple in love and growing out of their village. Funny and touching.

Carolyn found the funniest short, I’ve seen (possibly ever) and posted the YouTube link to Spider (2007).

2007 Telluride Film Festival

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