Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how we use and protect personal information of our visitors.

What we collect

  • When you visit our site we capture your IP address and it is correlated in the logs with every page you visit.  Just about every web site on earth collects this data.  We do not, but if web sites did correlate this information they could tie together pretty much your whole browsing history.  If you don’t like that, use Tor.
  • The logs also store certain information about your browser configuration.  This can be used to identify you, even if you mask your IP address or block cookies.
  • Google ads are running.  They seem to collect a lot of information about you.
  • If you leave a comment, it is retained.
  • If sign up, whatever information you enter is retained.

In general, unless you give us your real name when you create a profile, we do not correlate automatically collected information with your name or any other directly identifiable information about you.

What we do with the information

  • Visitor analytics
  • Show your comments
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