Hacking the ImageMagick Makefile

Sunday, June 15, 2008 

More upgrading follies.

ImageMagick was recently updated from to and I did a portupgrade -ra and eventually got the configure dialog. There were a couple of options I thought could be useful: WMF support and SVG support seemed to be useful. But, alas, I run my server without X11 – it’s just a server after all… the overhead of X11 is pretty pointless. Unfortunately the config dialog doesn’t do a dependency check or tell you anything, so selecting either or both of those options without selecting X11 breaks the build.

Now there is a simple way to force the config dialog to come back, but I couldn’t find it this morning and can’t remember. Every time I tried to build I got an X11 dependency error. So I tried deleting the SVG option from the top of the Makefile, which just breaks it worse. In the end I modified the test conditions and commented out the IGNORE statements for both WMF and SVG and forced –without for both conditions – that is build without SVG or WMF whether or not they are specified in the config file and skip the result of the check WITH SVG or WMF and !WITH X11.

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