Trailblazer LT review

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 

trailblazer lt.jpg
This is an odd car – basically a 4WD minivan with a nose.  The body of the car is surprisingly low for the type of vehicle.  One steps out and is surprised the ground is so close.  That makes getting in and out easy, but there’s no real value in the 4WD then…
Inside it has the appearance of being faux luxurious.   The seats are pseudo leather, the dashboard black and squishy… the stereo is pretty standard chevy lame.   No auxilary input and the XM radio thing seemed to be stuck on 4 channels.  One was amusingly listed as POTUS08 and was non-stop election news.
The car has a squishy suspension but a moderately powerful engine.  There was an unexpected amount of wind noise in the cabin, perhaps one of the window seals wasn’t quite all there.
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