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Friday, December 5, 2008 

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The RCC at Gate 18 in Chicago Ohare is really nice.  It’s smaller than, but as nice as a lot of international lounges.  The features I care about most and have been pestering UAL for for years (literally) have all been implemented now:
  • Power outlets at every seat.
  • Concordia espresso makers like in Europe that actually use coffee for coffee
  • Free WiFi (this has been US wide for a year).
For a couple of years I’d fill out a complaint card every single time I visited an RCC (about twice a week all year, so about 100 cards a year for 2-3 years) asking for these three things, then email 1k and GS voice and beg and plead.
This is very nice.  Uh oh, better run for the plane…
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