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Tuesday, January 20, 2009 

One of my favorite radio shows is On The Media; one of the best shows on the radio. As good as it is every week, the first segment of the January 16th show stands out as amazing. It is a wonderful summary of some of the almost previous administration’s absolutely abhorrent behavior and abject lying. If you’ve forgotten the history of what pathetic scum they were, the first few minutes of the show will remind you of the highlights from Cheney’s disastrous energy commission to the fable of Jessica Lynch and all the rest of the lies and fabrications and constitutional subversions they subjected us to.

Cheney may have used “fuck” in his dismissal of Patrick Lehey, but the weight of that flippant obscenity pales compared to the very deliberate use of “thank.”

Thank you, George Bush. Thank you, everyone who voted for him.

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