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Tuesday, September 1, 2009 

Tonight probably wasn’t the best night to try to configure logicmail to send via gmail.  I went through every permutation then found out that gmail is flaking out tonight.  Go Cloud Computing.  Brilliant idea to trust your business to the cloud. Anyway, I did get LogicMail to work.  It isn’t the fastest way to get your mail, but it connects via IMAP to my home server to read (never a problem) which means the client is synchronized with Mulberry (running on 3 computers) and Roundcube webmail and whatever else.

I also sync to gmail using procmail on my server to forward selected messages to my gmail account.  Google’s mobile mail clients are great, by gmail does not work as an imap client and so reply/read status doesn’t get updated on my server, which is the canonical reference.  I can remember for a quick reply, but I forget when I’m using my blackberry in some extended way and then when I get to a real client I sometimes double answer, which can be embarrassing…

LogicMail still has problems with certain TLS authentication schemes, which I use on my server, and so I can’t seem to send through my own SMTP, but thankfully gmail lets me send through theirs with the only penalty being the Return-Path: <youraccount@gmail.com> header.

I used:
Server: smtp.gmail.com
Use Secure Connection: SSL
Port: 465
Authentication: LOGIN
Username: youraccount@gmail.com
Password: *********
(don't use MDS proxy)

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