A week of tweets: 2009-09-20

Sunday, September 20, 2009 
  • near 43.641324, -79.374603 http://tinyurl.com/ojpefm brunch at Toula’ with @phragments http://twitpic.com/hm52v #
  • #TIFF The Loved Ones: holy shit amazing “then you’ve got Lola, who’s hot pink and super fucked up” -Victoria Thane http://twitpic.com/horr8 #
  • #TIFF Bitch Slap: beautiful, well endowed, strong women killing men and fighting each other by Zoe Bell. Excellent. http://twitpic.com/hswcq #
  • #TIFF Google Baby: not so much about Google… A documentary about baby outsourcing: Israeli sperm, US embryos, and Indian Uteri. #
  • #TIFF La Pivellina: sweet circus folk find an adorable child and while circmstances are difficult, everyone falls in love. #
  • Whip It best of #TIFF. Laugh, cry. Take a little girl, your own or one off the street. It rocks. Drew wins. Go Zoe Bell! Yay Julliet Lewis! #
  • #TIFF Hipsters: Really fun, dynamic film about hipster rebels in 1950’s Moscow. Great music. Evgeniya Khirivskaya is gorgeous. #
  • near 43.66602, -79.383919 http://tinyurl.com/lf9e3y Bar Volo: best draft selection in T.O. http://www.barvolo.com/ #
  • As @phragments said, jeebus freaks made lunch hell. http://twitpic.com/ickmj #
  • YYZ to SFO, thinking about finishing up two weeks of festival movies by going to the 10:20 District 9 show at the metrion, then It’s Tops. #

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