Charlie Huston

Monday, December 31, 2007 

Charlie Huston is a new writer who has a real gift for hard-hitting dialog. I ran across his second book, Six Bad Things, in a small bookstore and it reminded me of Very Bad Things, the movie, which I thought was milk-snorkingly-funny. I thought from the cover and title it would be six short stories in the genre of Soft Skull Press, something out of the post-punk hard edge.

Hardcore for sure, the middle story of a trilogy about a high school baseball star who’s bad knee turned him to a life of petty crime and drinking and who ended up with a lot of someone else’s money and of the people who came along to get it and how he kills them.

After reading Six Bad Things I got the others Caught Stealing and A Dangerous Man; they pretty much last a day. The prose isn’t deep or complex, the stories are a little rough in a few spots but the action is non-stop and Huston’s command of dialog and a driving story line is as good as anything I’ve read.

So I ordered his second trilogy, the story of a vampire named Joe Pitt, living in NY (or not). Each of these books is enough to keep you up late until it is done. The stories stand on their own a bit more than the Caught Stealing trilogy, each being effectively a stand alone story about the collection of characters that populate the vampire clans that have divided up Manhattan.

The first, Already Dead, is about rogue vampire Pitt’s encounter with zombies in New York and the way he deals with them and the person who’s infecting them. It introduces us to the different vampire clans of New York–the Coalition, the Brotherhood, the Society, and the Enclave: the leaders of each and each of the drifters and derelicts along the way an exercise in pitch-perfect colloquial dialog.

The next two in the trilogy, No Dominion and Half the Blood of Brooklyn are just as intense. The former is about a new drug making it’s way through the up- and downtown clans the latter about the intercession of off-island clans. Unlike the first series, the vampire series does not end definitively and we can hope that it goes on. Joe Pitt is a great character and you’ll want more. A weeks’ reading would be seven volumes, but that’d make for some long nights and rough days. Apropos.


The Shotgun Rule is a different sort of book from the rest of the series. It is a stand alone novel about kids in the 80’s in northern CA who get into a little more than they bargained for and have a hard time of it. The same raw prose, the same fluid dialog. you find yourself reading quickly, keeping the pace up, unable to stop. I made it through the book on a short-haul flight from cover to cover.

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Super tape!

Sunday, December 30, 2007 

The antenna module on my PHL to IAD flight was held on with masking tape. It must be the best tape ever! I want some.

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Migrate Mozilla

Saturday, December 29, 2007 

I’m migrating to a fresh install of XP, hoping to fix persistent problems like bluetooth not working and other fun stuff. Of course this means reinstalling everything and trying to get prefs files back. Firefox gets a lot of customization, so it sucks…
I got:
“Alert Could not initialize browser’s security component. The most likely cause is problems with files in your browser’s profile directory. Please check that this directory has no read/write restrictions and your hard disk is not full or close to full. It is recommended that you exit the browser and fix the problem. If you continue to use this browser session, you might see incorrect browser behavior when accessing security features.”
It was a profile migration problem and the offending file was “cert8.db” deleting the old version and reinstalling firefox, which recreates the file solved it. .

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Home with the parents

Friday, December 21, 2007 

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Some thoughts on energy

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 

I recently rediscovered an email discussion I was having about global warming and solar power. I kind of enjoyed it…

Read more…

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Light snow on CO

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007 


In the parking lot here in Overland Park,KS I saw this Blues Brothers mobile. Oddly, an automation engineer sitting near where I was working in RDU was talking about the Blues Brothers just earlier tonight. And, even more oddly, my rental car was a… Crowne Vic! Amazing!

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Friday, December 14, 2007 


Cambridge under snow…

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From miracle of science

Thursday, December 13, 2007 

Excellent food, good drink and the grill is open until midnight.

It is my favorite destination on a cold night. Though the music is often too loud and the patrons occasionally are, and especially Thursday nights (motorbike night) it can be a bit crowded, it is probably the best late-night food in Cambridge and just happens to be on the way from MIT to our apartment.
Watching snow through the big windows is very pleasant.
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Boston snow!

Thursday, December 13, 2007 

I came here from Toronto tonight leaving in a narrow window while BOS was open. Others were not so lucky. Most of the north east was shut.


First task was shoveling the driveway so I could park. Then off to miracle of science to have a bass and beef skewers and watch the snow through the windows.

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