Fight the SAFE act

Friday, December 7, 2007 

Another terribly stupid bill has passed the house: the SAFE act which provides for $300k fines if you operate an unsecured WiFi hotspot and any of your users happens to download an anime graphic depicting what -looks- like an underage person in a sexual or -lascivious- pose. WTF is that?
This pernicious bill passed 409 to 2 after some sneaky changes in the language at the last minute. If you care about free wireless access and have some concern that you might have a smidgen of integrity and not strive to ensure that your political views as espoused in your personal communications are always precisely in line with the prevailing political majority you will do everything you can to convince your senators to block the Senate version of the bill before it becomes law as we’ve been defeated in the house.
Sure it is easy to become complacent, thinking the battle for free speech is lost and we’ve all already given up the right to free speech and open political discourse, but it is a loss by degrees and the SAFE act is a degree to far.
Do whatever you can.

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