A week of tweets: 2009-11-29

Sunday, November 29, 2009 
  • An unexpected relic of an addict nation: ashtrays between the urinals. Can’t last a pee between tokes! @ PHL RCC. http://pic.gd/7d9652 #
  • FreeBSD 8 is out!!! #
  • Back in LA… For a bit. Sunny, warm; of course. #
  • Another excellent hertz upgrade: infinity FX 35. More details soon. http://pic.gd/b35a2d #
  • On LAX-SFO flight with familiar looking green-haired guy. Screwed up booking so no upgrade, but front row seat to holiday traveler parade! #
  • Yummy sushi at Sushi Bistro with @phragments, @bellastar, & Katya: verry nom. #
  • Off to SNA on a holiday with Katya, @bellastar11, & @phragments. We have row 2. Causing all sorts of trouble. #
  • Von’s OC: southern comfort or OJ? Both on special and refrigerated and ready to drink! http://pic.gd/404e2a #
  • I just voted for http://pic.gd/84be96 Check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • RuBisCo at Aricibo: Joe Davis sends a 2nd message to space 35 years later: http://bit.ly/7cEDuG http://www.centauri-dreams.org/?p=10346 #
  • Hola mexico http://pic.gd/67d449 #
  • En la hacienda de la playa. https://gifdb.com/football #
  • Having an excellent coffee at Cafe Zito in Rosarita. #
  • Rainy day in tiuana #
  • After 90 minutes waiting to cross US border (90 second inspection) drive to Irvine for the munchkin, back to SAN for pho, off to PHL. #

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