How to Disable Stupid Extra Mouse Buttons

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 

Modern mice seem to think it essential to include a “bump this side of the mouse to delete your work” button, oddly configured as a “back” button in most browsers. Why? I have no idea. Personally I rarely actually need to navigate forward and backward while browsing. I suppose a lot of people have navigation remorse or something, but for me the button has only been a source of frustration.

There seemed to be only one option since the logitech mouse driver suite is inexplicably larger than most complete operating system installs and therefore unsuitable for any normal computer, taking apart the mouse and cutting the leads to the Stupid Switches.

Instead I found this little utility that lets you disable the buttons (you can also map them to something else you’d like to accidentally trigger if that amuses you). Now I won’t lose my work when creating a message in Gmail or working in redmine.

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