A week of tweets: 2010-02-21

Sunday, February 21, 2010 
  • Said goodbye to @phragments in SFO lot today as she is flying Delta… #
  • New hertz neverlost. Touchscreen! No more 1990s video game high score. #
  • Off to ORD then YYZ from 70 and sunny LAX. Temp shock test #
  • RT @danuyemura: It’s nice there are other non koolaide drinking peeps out there: foursquare is worthless. #pleaserobme.com #
  • I h8 the old TED planes. #
  • Corolla? Hertz YYZ does not meet Hz LAX standards. Maybe the gas pedal will stick… #
  • Amazing approach to LGA: right down Manhattan low enough to see people on the streets, left at new red skyscraper. #
  • Just saw Miscreants of Talliwood at MOMA NY: excellent and powerful. George gives amazing Q&A. See if interested in .af or .pk #
  • Home at SFO with @phragments. Long week… #

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