A week of tweets: 2010-02-28

Sunday, February 28, 2010 
  • Back in la. Home for about 36 hours this fortnight. Hate leaving SF on a sunny day, but better to LA than Guelph in winter. #
  • Nice volvo S80 from hertz today in LA, but it won’t read any of my media! #
  • Free DC Premiere Gittoes‘ Miscreants of Talliwood tonight @ 8pm @ Letelier 3251 Prospect St. NW 202-338-5835 Q&A w dir https://web.archive.org/web/20181224083918/http://gittoes-dalton-films.com/ #
  • Carolyn’s DCA apartment is too convenient: woke up at 4:00, waiting at gate for flight to YYZ by 4:40. DCA>>IAD. #
  • Acceleration slidewalk at YYZ is OPEN. Whee! #
  • Watching Canadian women win gold in bobsled in a Canadian bar drinking Canadian beer. They are somewhat improbably hot, sexy, and flirty. #
  • This doesn’t look promising… #
  • Overheard, one FA to another, re a guitar being fit into an overstuffed closet: “because we don’t want to end up on a youtube video.” #
  • US7669123 Prior (8/06) art please: social network+monitored activities+news about activity+link to participate+privacy/not everyone can see #
  • Gaylords coffee #

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