Twitter client feature I want

Monday, April 26, 2010 

One of the irritations I have with twitter and short form UGC streams is that there are people, the ebb and flow of who’s lives I find interesting, but who feel a compulsion when they attend a conference (say) to update every clever comment they hear.

While, in principal, I might find these comments interesting and appreciate the effort to provide me with a low-bandwidth telepresent experience, but for the most part I’m not attending the conference because it wasn’t a priority for me. And it becomes a bit tedious when my twitter stream is filled start to finish with notes from some random conference I’ve never heard of.

A solution would be for my client to have a feature that rate limits anyone. There are some people I’d only want to see one tweet a day from, though there are a few from whom I’d want to see all of them. It would be nice if other users, those who’s dedication to the medium or the source was unwavering, would rate tweets such that I wouldn’t miss the good ones.

Except for my loved ones, I’d choose to filter all tweets that didn’t get at least one positive vote.

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