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Sunday, July 4, 2010 

This is a great description of Homeopathy.  I have occasionally pointed out to (usually unreceptive friends) a few of the curious consequences of logic in Homeopathy, but this little cartoon is a far more entertaining analysis:


My thoughts are only that:

  • If you walk into an herb store and can smell the herbs at all, you are getting many (many) times the dose of a wide variety of homeopathic remedies.  Why doesn’t this accidental environmental dose either negate or overpower the intended dose?
  • If the law of similars says ingesting the water memory of a similar-symptom causing antigen cures the disease, so why doesn’t the disease, which is causing those very same symptoms, do the same first?
  • If water can be durably imprinted with the memory of a substance that was in it (homeopathic resonance or macro memory), and this dilution extends the potency of the water, then by what mechanism is this potency erased, and if not why isn’t every glass we drink filled with potent remedies such that we never get sick, or perhaps with
    potent homeopathic poisons that would  kill us instantly?

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