Debugging the System. Literally

Monday, March 5, 2012 

My space heater stopped working. The switch’s light would turn on, but no fan, no heat. Although there were “no user serviceable parts inside,” I thought I’d take it apart.

After poking around with a multi-meter, I found that there was 120 being distributed around, but the ground wasn’t getting past the bimetal thermostat. Nothing obviously wrong with it, but careful investigation showed what looked like bits of fluff in it. Poking at the contacts, there were three ants squeezed between them (or perhaps one trapped and two would be saviors electrocuted). bugs_in_the_thermostat.jpg

One carcass was lost to the prodding, one is still visible as a fleck on the far left between the two gold button contacts, the other culprit I managed to get a clear picture of.The_bug_in_the_thermostat.jpg

Now that I’ve debugged my space heater, it works properly.

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