Better Cabling May Fix The Internet

Sunday, February 8, 2015 

Do you find that the internet seems harsh? Do you find Facebook unclear and that it lacks dynamic contrast? Is there less detail than there should be? Do you notice a loss of energy from the Internet?

It might all come down to the network cables themselves.

AudioQuest Diamond Ethernet Cable

Well designed cables like these have perfect-surface extreme-purity silver conductors minimizing distortion caused by grain boundaries in inferior OFHC, OCC, or 8N conductors for better clarity and reduced harshness. Explanations and arguments will be both more clearly constructed and less confrontational.

Noise and other distractions are reduced by a 3-layer noise dissipation system, not just shielding your data but preventing modulation of your ground plane by noisy RFI.  Even more problematically for those doing research on the web, the untested orientation of standard network cables results in inferior data quality.

Standard network cables either don’t enforce orientation of the pairs at all (Cat 5e and below) or merely segregate pairs with a flexible spacer (Cat 6 and above). These cables use solid polyethylene insulation to ensure critical geometry is preserved to minimize phase errors. Phase errors can easily result in Doppler shifts manifest in either an unnaturally shrill tone or affected bass (sometimes manifest as “mansplaining”).

Most remarkably, the dielectric bias system puts a 72V bias on the insulation and thus organizes the molecules of the insulation to minimize energy loss which creates a surprisingly black background, more essential than ever in the wake of Ferguson.

Only $10,521 for a 12m cable. Now that the internet has become our primary source of information, understanding, and personal communication this is a tiny price to pay for clear, undistorted data.

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AudioQuest Diamond RJ/E Ethernet Cable 12m
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  1. Karen Quigg says:

    I think you’re being optimistic.

  2. I detected a notable increase in the sweetness of facebook messages, holographic imaging of cats, and was astonished to hear subtle nuances in trolololololololo that I’d never knew existed in the youtube video. These cables introduce an additional layer of hardware assisted cancellation technology which amplifies crosstalk in adjacent cables, creating a uniform duplication of your packets across all connections with 50 meters. Data security is enhanced by packet broadcast via a tiny high-accuracy LED which varies in brightness according to the signal being sent over the wire. Should you ever forget your password to your laptop, you can easily reconstruct your data with a high speed camera.

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