Town Car

Friday, January 18, 2008 

Totally randomly Hertz gave me a Lincoln Town Car instead of the Taurus I rented. Why? I do not know, but as I was wearing a long black coat and leather gloves for the weather, everyone assumed I was Carolyn’s driver. The car is really set up for a driver – the back has more room than the front, the door release button locks and unlocks on the back doors and there are no cup holders. And the engine sounds like Bender wheezing in that episode where Farnsworth made him human

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Cold Saw

Friday, January 18, 2008 

I got a cold saw (a Brobo Super 300) from a very cool artist. It’s a beautiful old machine, but slightly funkified by years of service. I rebuilt the vice system which was a bit sticky after too many years of water-based coolant. It cuts wonderfully now and the vice is easily adjusted, but eventually I’ll have to cut a new keyway in the vice clamp…

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Freeze That Poop.

Friday, January 18, 2008 

Wasn’t this a movie? Why could anyone think this is a good idea? Could it really make life all that much easier to freeze dog shit before you pick it up? Is the idea that, once the poop is frozen, that you don’t need a plastic bag for it? You can just pocket the frozen turd and go about your day, as long as it isn’t too hot out? Or is this for people who’s dogs have eaten too much cheese? Or is the idea that you’d freeze the poop and leave it – a frosty poo is more visible and at least for an hour or so while it thaws. This might warrant a test with the LN2 I have at home…

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Kensington is excellent

Friday, January 18, 2008 

I really love my Kensington 120 Watt Universal Power Adapter. It runs all my computers and charges just about anything everywhere in the world and on planes and in cars too. Work assigned me a new Lenovo T60 which has a wacky new power plug. I couldn’t find one for sale on-line, wrote Kensington, and a few days later had my N29 – even before the laptop arrived.

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