Rental Review Buick Allure CX

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 

Rental car review

A typical American boat – the Buick is big and heavy and squishy and not exactly my type of car. I don’t really like the over-plush seats or squishy suspension. The faux wood interior styling isn’t really my thing either.
  1. Quiet – It is pretty quiet
  2. Comfortable – Not terribly comfortable. I don’t like squishy seats, but I suppose for some people it is..
  3. Basic amenities – Power everything, but no outside temperature reading. I like knowing the outside temp.
  4. Stereo – surprisingly mediocre for a fancy-ish car. The sound isn’t great and the radio has trouble getting marginal stations. Plus the radio display doesn’t tell you what station you’re listening too, which is helpful in a rental car.
  5. Security – the trunk is big and secure.
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