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Tuesday, July 1, 2008 

Rental Car Review: Buick Allure
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The Buick Allure is similar to the Toyota Avalon in form and function, but isn’t quite up to the task. The Buick is a nominally acceptable American car, but Buick dashboards are (and always have been) these strange, broad flat things that don’t really appeal to me. The car is a reasonable four door sedan, neither particularly bad at anything nor particularly good.

  • Quiet – generally quiet, but got a bit noisy on the 401. The AC system is a bit too zealous – it’s hard to just get a vent function on a nice day and the windows open are noisy.
  • Comfortable – fairly comfortable.
  • Engine – a moderate engine, responsive but not astonishingly so.
  • Suspension – it works well enough but isn’t super agile.
  • Basic amenities – everything that could be reasonably powered is.
  • Stereo – it was good enough but the high frequency speakers point straight to the center and so it sound unbalanced (the driver’s side tweeter pointing at the passenger and being inaudible to the driver).
  • Security – the trunk is large and secure.
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