Chevy Uplander

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 

Rental car review: Chevy Uplander

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The Chevy Uplander is a cross between a mini van and an SUV, but is really just a minivan with an extended nose and a half decent engine. The performance is surprisingly good for a van with hard acceleration and no problem hitting highway passing speeds. The suspension is sort of amusing: the van seems to rock constantly in a kind of reassuring put the baby to sleep kind of way at the smallest bump.
The van has a ton of room and a good stereo. It is fairly comfortable to drive and not particularly fatiguing, but not exactly sporty or fun.
  • Quiet – Not too bad but some noise from the huge cabin.
  • Comfortable – fairly comfortable.
  • Engine – a moderate engine, fairly responsive for the size of the vehicle.
  • Suspension – ugh. Wobbles side to side.
  • Basic amenities – everything that could be reasonably powered is.
  • Stereo – acceptable but nothing great.
  • Security – not very – everything inside is visible.
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