Cadillac DTS review

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 

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The Cadillac was a surprisingly pleasant and responsive car.  It is definitely a heavy thing, and while the V8 seemed quite powerful, it did not jump like a scalded cat… or even a mildly surprised cat when one stomped on the accelerator.   However an inattentive foot would easily close on 100 on the highway without any clear indication that excessive speed was being achieved.

The DTS seems like a “sporty” model with firm seats and a suspension that is designed to avoid the cartoonish body roll that exemplifies luxury American cars.  But, amusingly, only one axis was identified: while the car handles turns very well, it pitches like a steamer under acceleration; pitching so much that the headlight beams come off the tarmac if you floor it at night.

As rentals go, it is quiet and comfortable and sportier than a Taurus, it is definitely a premium rental with a premium sound system and over the top automation.

  • Quiet – Very quiet but the AC’s lowest setting was very loud for such a car.
  • Comfortable –  very comfortable with an old-person seat-exit setting.
  • Engine – a powerful engine but no match for the mass of the car.
  • Suspension – pretty good for turning but amusing under acceleration or braking.
  • Basic amenities – everything that could possibly be powered is.
  • Stereo – very nice sound.
  • Security – good, a big private trunk.
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