Sync Outlook and Google

Sunday, February 1, 2009 


Google sync just stopped working.  I tried all the suggestions including multiple removal and reinstall and even installing the Gears Calendar (why not) to no avail.  Then I tried Mobile Sync and I am happy again.

Google Calendar Sync.

I’ve used Funambol’s outlook client to sync Outlook on one computer with Mulberry’s Calendar on another as part of a complex web of synchronization involving GCal, ScheduleWorld, Funambol, and GCalDaemon, which pretty much worked.

But I just discovered Google Calendar Sync and just in time as Funambol 7.0.7 did not seem to work with outlook 2007 reliably (probably wacky corporate calendar entries, but whatever).  So I switched to Google Calendar Sync. It obviates ScheduleWorld and intermediates directly between Outlook and GCal.  On the minus side, it only syncs to your primary calendar and my old system would sync to my calendar of choice thanks to ScheduleWorld’s cleverness.  But it does work and it is very fast. It is odd that it doesn’t support multiple calendars though, everything else does.

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DTV transition crash

Sunday, February 1, 2009 

DTV crashes and burns

This is too funny. The FCC sponsored a NASCAR driver to get the message out about the DTV transition on Feb 17 when millions of American’s will suddenly find their TV’s don’t work and all hell will break loose likely causing the collapse of society as we know it. Of course the car crashed in the first race. And the second.

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