Cool Tracking Technology

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 was a pretty cool solution (until the end of 2012). Nothing radically novel in concept, but it does pretty much just work and with most devices with a GPS.


It’s a little different from Google Latitude, which has a social aspect (your friends) but no history. Latitude is built into Google Maps Mobile 3.0, so everyone will have this on their phone in a few days. That’ll be weird fur sure.

Amazingly I downloaded this app this morning at 3.0.0, by the time I’d told a friend about it the release was 3.0.1, and the last person I told got 3.0.2. I guess Google is excited about this one.

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Rental Ford Escape

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 

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Narrator: In fact, George, Sr. had snuck out of the attic and gone to a local Ford dealership.

Car Salesman: The Bronco’s been discontinued. We’re trying to shed that whole fugitive on the run thing. This is the Escape.

George: What a fun name. May I test drive?

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