A week of tweets: 2009-06-14

Sunday, June 14, 2009 
  • New UAL A320 interior: blue leather seats in coach. Kinda comfy even. Slightly less horrible trip to St Louis after 1st checked in full. #
  • Then again seat mate is singing along with his music… #
  • Seatmate not only sang, but had jimmy legs and productive TB. yay #
  • near 38.740508, -90.366907 http://tinyurl.com/morfxa st louis! Whee. Here for <18 hours. #
  • Karma: traded seats, got an empty next to me instead of mr. Combover. Yay #
  • Excellent New Scientist: May 30; lost languages, debunking chiropractic, bunking female ejaculation. #
  • This week I will not be at sfo on thursday. Off to YYZ. Again. #
  • 1A last night, 1D today… So much bulkhead! #
  • Four times to DEN this week too. Whee. #
  • Radishes in the vegetable plate at RCC DEN: partial compensation for delayed arrival in YYZ, likely too late for the Firepit in Mississagua. #
  • near 43.626384, -79.680391 http://tinyurl.com/ntv7v9 “the one, the only Firepit. The best in all the Peel region.” And open till 2:00. #
  • Chris Watson’s Worldbeat missing from Guelph Echo for weeks now. Went to paper’s offices to complain in person. No news of robots and penii! #
  • Just got through to the maple leaf club at YYZ: too many people here to chat with. Now getting teased by security, in a cute way. #
  • Old guys weenie jousting over seats. They are weak voiced and bumbling over first class seats and cantakerously arguing over gate checks. #
  • Pouring in denver. Good thing I dont have to go outside here. Fouth visit this week. #
  • Hours and hours of delays, but Linksys WRT54GS bridges WiFi to WiFi, single log in, three devices bridged. FYAH! AT least until RCC closes #
  • Sitting on the runway in DEN, still. Plane may be bricked. This gets to be a long day… #
  • Door closed!!! Yay! #

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