A week of tweets: 2009-06-28

Sunday, June 28, 2009 
  • Went to Nimby party with Mike Wehner. EB Rats, amateur boxing, girl boxing and wrestling. Cops blockaded party so entry involved climbing. #
  • Waiting at the SFO RCC to fly to Boston: will be there for <24 hours. Apparently a landing control computer is down at BOS, so delayed. #
  • Very warm and nice in bay area today so I get to sit on a plane all day and go to boston for the rain. Yay! #
  • Sitting on the runway, looking forlornly out porthole at the sun, waiting for thunderstorms to clear in Boston. At least seat power is on. #
  • Just landed in boston. Raining here. #
  • Off to meetings Boston time! #
  • Leaving rainy boston for SF via IAD. BOS: no cars left at Hz… #
  • Oops, flight computers at BOS are not waterproof: BOS-LAX-SFO instead. #
  • Bad day @BOS. Flight chaos. Full flights, delays, rain. #
  • Last leg: lax to sfo. 1A. Yes! number one with a bulkhead! #
  • I can haz SAN @ $3.00/#. #
  • A bit weighs 2.25e-9 grams. 6 shelves, 42kg/shelf, 14TB total. A 4.7GB dvd would weigh 3oz, except they’re made of plastic. Science! #
  • The chair is not my son: East Oakland rocking out to MJ tonight, different albums from different yards. #

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