A week of tweets: 2009-12-06

Sunday, December 6, 2009 
  • Cold in philadelphia, but not raining like San Diego, tiujana. Here Hz Hz Hz. #
  • I think hertz PHL gave me the exact same car as last week. #
  • DPRK twitter acct hacked: RT @kcna_dprk: free Pizzahut gift card! all this free pizza in the time of the holidays. thanks Pizzahut! #
  • Overcast day at DCA. #
  • Aside from unfortunate & ironic name, I think DCA is my fav US airport, in sharp contrast with worst: IAD. Wish sky club would open b4 05:15 #
  • OMG! Winter! #
  • With US customs processing a line of 50+ people at a rate of 1.25/min thn getting a polite (of course) CA random screen, barely time to pee! #
  • 28 miles from @phragments. For an hour. Before bed: 2600 miles. #
  • Security check laptop: open lid & swipe keyboard. Win 7, being clever, wakes up. M$, being stupid, does not go back to sleep: battery ded. #
  • Arr: lax. No food today. Off to pacific dining car santa monica for late night steak. The place to be in la after midnight. #
  • #
  • Mmmm. Steak, but a place like this should be exempt (or grandfathered) from liquor laws. (Pacific dining car, since 1921). #
  • Mexican lunch with @dvrogers in Santa Monica. #
  • At LAX, home to SFO. DVR is here going to SYD… Nice to be home for the first time in 10 days, but just for 2… #
  • Makers Mark doing ual promotion. Major bourbon upgrade. #
  • Interesting: at least on UAL 757s, at least for ch 1, the electronic headphone driver is an amp getting signal from the old pneumatic sys. #

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