A week of tweets: 2009-12-27

Sunday, December 27, 2009 
  • Golem is quite a show. Klezmer punk, who’da thunk? #
  • First bmw rental: 328. Hertz is getting better and better. #
  • 2 nights under 2 hours. On my way to PS biz to JFK. Wifi? Hrm, that’s my sleep time! #
  • Yesterday’s bb outage didn’t just delay my mail, all data services were out. No bbmail, no gmail, no gmaps, no ubertwitter. 2012 came early! #
  • UAL Ps to jfk: free wifi, regular ac outlet: shoulda brought the W700, it’d be like being at the office in the air, but with free drinks. #
  • Tweeting from 30,000 feet on ual’s gogo. #
  • Gogo detects browsers, charges 7.95 for a blackberry, 12.95 for laptop. 1790 kbps down, 236 kbps up. #
  • Great advance: my M70 blows the 110v in seat breaker after a while. That never happened with the 12V DC:DC power. 110 is retarding progress! #
  • My first time over the verrazano narrows bridge! #
  • Bastards! “Free” boingo Google wifi NOT free on mas day at IAD. #
  • Uh reboot the plane! #
  • UAL Xmas FAIL: 2:45 in the plane at the gate at IAD to FRA waiting on luggage gymnastics the APU fails and we wait for a new plane. #
  • EPIC UAL FAIL waited 90 minutes for our spare plane then the jetway failed! Now a mobile lounge to plane. 7:15 departure my ass! Merry xmas #
  • Never boarded a plane from a mobile lounge before. To add to the fun, we rear boarded behind all of economy. #
  • We’re moving! #
  • Xmas night is over! Spent it IAD. Whoo hoo, but plane is finally moving, 5 hours late. Bring me a drink and dinner! Oh hai, fra. #

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