A week of tweets: 2009-12-20

Sunday, December 20, 2009 
  • Camary SE? Oh hertz you got me addicted to the mercedi. At least I earned a spot in the pay lot even when full with a friendly smile and tip #
  • Also: it ain’t common carriage & they ain’t ur wires thus no privacy: watcha gonna do? vote for civil rights over copyright profits? ROFLMAO #
  • New New York Times app for BlackBerry is pretty cool. Works offline. Offline rocks. Get off my lawn. #
  • Oh Hai winter. #
  • Oops, this is winter. LA isn’t winter.http://yfrog.com/35zltej It’s Tops about 12:45 tonight… #
  • Except for an injured FA, I have first to myself this evening. #
  • It’s Tops. It is. #

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