A week of tweets: 2010-01-03

Sunday, January 3, 2010 
  • At 26c3 in Berlin. Hai Jake. #
  • #26c3 ger lunar xprize attempt. http://bit.ly/7ISpOO apollo engineer: cdc 6000 was fast by any measure, 60 bit! Go Seymour! And we liked it! #
  • #26c3 #trabi #museum! #cool #
  • #nom #nom #currywurst unter den tvtower #
  • 26c3 “fuzzing phones” send an sms to m$ mobile HTC touch (at least) with “%n”: goodnight phone. Yay m$, ping of death lives! #
  • Perhaps not the best day for lunch at the top of the tv tower #
  • An intimate day at the top of the tv tower. Good lunch though. Perhaps tomorrow for the bar after 26c3? #
  • At 26c3 “who has an iPhone?” <1% raise hands. “Internal battery” “Expensive doorstop.” SMS fuzzing: p0wn ConnectManager, p0wn root. #
  • Amusing myself running easyjack on my old moto at 26c3. “Hey you 31337 Haxorz!” One open connect in cryptography & virology talk so far. #
  • Snowy day in berlin at 26c3 #
  • Snow on the tv(tower) #
  • 26c3 closing laser show! #
  • Maxwell: an excellent dining experience in berlin. #
  • Maxwell is about here. #
  • C-baser fun be havin’ #
  • “Ass tweet” when you put your smart phone in your pocket with the twitter client open and “ass dial” the ladt person who tweeted. #
  • TXL (in snow) to ZRH to IAD today with @phragments & @bellastar11. Had fun at 26c3, even though it seemed like SF auf Deutsch. Noisebridge.. #
  • New year’s flight crazyness. TXL-ZRH flight late, no ZRH-IAD-BOS, TXL-ZRH-YUL… #
  • What to do in montreal for new year’s? #
  • Lovely ney dinner at Barroco in montral #
  • Leaving YUL. will try to avoid travel to Canada until canadian homeland security rediscovers reason. No carry-on. Check b4 fly. #
  • Flying from Canada to US: – no carry on, takes forever even in empty airport. + free procotology exams for everyone! #
  • Made it 2 boston. Hopefully tsa doesnt steal the laptops http://bit.ly/7O3E1i or smash them like guitars. http://s7y.us/1k1m #
  • GE 10W LED bulb: 320 lumens for $44.99 20,000 hours. GE 10W CCFL: 520 lumens for $6.99 8,000 hours. CCFL FTW. #
  • Nom! Miracle of Science with @lextopia, @phragments, & @bellastar11. B2. #
  • Ice cream @tosci with @phragments, @lextopia, @bellastar11. Nom Nom. #

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