You know you fly too much when…

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 

… at check in your friend Laura gives you a big hug because you haven’t seen her for a few weeks. Then you talk about your travel plans with Cedric at security who’s the coolest DHS employee there is. Then you’re glad to see the purser is Elisabeth who asks where you were last week and you compare flight schedules to figure out the next flight you’ll be on together. Then you get on the connecting flight and the purser is Lou Ann and who is really surprised you didn’t get upgraded and brings you some treats in economy. Then you get to customs and line up with one of the agents you know (but Canadian customs agents don’t tell you their names or have name tags, just numbers)….

United has some good employees. All it really takes to be taken care of is if, when things go wrong, you’re not a total dick.

My best travel advice, this from someone who’s flown about 1.5 million miles, is simple: don’t be a dick. When things go wrong, and something will most of the time, just be pleasant and patient and figure out your best option on your own and you’ll almost certainly get it because you’re helping while everyone else is being a dick with attitude.

And really, what’s to like about a dick with attitude?

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Rental Canadian Grand Am

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 

Same exact car?

rental Canadian grand am.jpg
After a while, you get to know the people, places, and even  rental cars personally.
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