A week of tweets: 2009-07-26

Sunday, July 26, 2009 
  • Fast trip to SFO. Inexperienced british family nearly stopped me at security. #
  • Uh oh, non english speaker in exit row. Learn at least “yes” if you want to keep you exit row seat. #
  • Getting dinner at baby blues venice. Bbq, yum. #
  • Baby blues venice #
  • near 34.000125, -118.46546 http://tinyurl.com/nshkyx baby blues… http://twitpic.com/b2vbv #
  • Driving from santa monica to glendale in a convertible, 71F to 94F! #
  • Chp ticketing aggressively on 580 today. #
  • Off to ORD then YYZ today. Short stay at home this week. #
  • Same FA on UAL ORD YYZ flight as cough syrup incident; UAL asked her about the cherry bourbon, she said embarassing. My contri to aviation. #
  • And JD on flight today. Everyone who flies is welcome. I may not be competent to test fly a B1 (props to x pilot LAX), but I do what I can. #
  • Extra jack from ual. Subcompact friom hz. Arranged future pref for “weird.” Rain in YYZ. Firepit on hurontario: nom. #
  • Poo. Home network is down again. Last time Lineman said he gave us the last working pair in the cable to the CO. 9040′ of new wire pl … #
  • YYZ-ORD-SFO today. Nice people here at YYZ, even with all the rain. #
  • On the plane again… Just can’t.. Well, at least there is plug in power. Home soon but no dsl ’till mon. Maybe the old pipeline 75 works #
  • Wow, same crazy woman as last flight: making tea (brought hot water?!?) Carries parasol for (not so) fair skin: hat bad, sunscreen toxic? #
  • Literally 20 min diassembling and stowing luggage. Non-stop monologue. Asking everyone for help. Now has stuff in 3-4 different overheads #
  • Just explained to old guys behind her “I think rules are meant to be broken, no fun to follow the rules…”. Special kind of crazy. Taser? #

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